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Teacher Education and Values Pedagogy

A Student Wellbeing Approach

Eds. Toomey, R, Lovat, T, Clement, N & Dally, K

This book explores the implications of values educational practices to teacher education.  Our chapter is titled The Third Pillar of the Student Wellbeing Pedagogy: Positive Educational Practices (PEPs). The PEPs are based on five foundations of wellbeing that draw on the research in Positive Psychology and other contemporary psychological and educational movements that are consistent with Positive Psychology. These five foundations are:

1.  the development of social and emotional competency
2.  the building of positive relationships
3.  the enhancement of positive emotions
4.  the use of strengths-based approaches and
5.  the fostering of a sense of meaning and purpose

This 2010 book is edited by Ron Toomey, Terry Lovat, Neville Clement and Kerry Dally and published by David Barlow Publishing.

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