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The PROSPER School Pathways for Student Wellbeing: Policy and Practices

Noble, T. & McGrath, H

▶ Outlines seven evidence-informed pathways to guide schools in promoting student wellbeing

▶ Provides case studies and practical examples of the seven school pathways in action

▶ Reviews guidelines for developing student wellbeing policy at the school, system, national or international level

This brief defines student wellbeing and outlines seven evidence-informed pathways that schools can take to promote student wellbeing and develop their school as an enabling institution.
The acronym PROSPER is applied as an organizer for both the psychological elements of wellbeing and for these Positive Education pathways.

These pathways focus on encouraging Positivity, building Relationships, facilitating Outcomes and a sense of competence, focusing on Strengths, fostering a sense of Purpose, enhancing Engagement and teaching Resilience. Each pathway draws on both the principles of positive psychology and the educational research that identifies the impact of each pathway for student learning. The benefits of a school-wide focus on student wellbeing for student engagement in learning and their success in school and in life are outlined.

Practical guidelines for the development and implementation of educational policy that has student wellbeing as its central focus are also provided.


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