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Eight Ways At Once


Eight Ways at Once

Noble, T. & McGrath, H

Eight Ways At Once (Books 1 & 2) show teachers how to differentiate the curriculum and engage different learners in the same classroom by planning rich units of work and using over 200 diverse teaching and learning strategies.

These 2 books demonstrate how to use either Gardner’s Model of Multiple Intelligences or Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy for curriculum differentiation as well as how to put them together using the MI/Bloom planning matrix. The authors were the original creators of the easy-to-use MI/Bloom planning matrix. The original matrix, the first of its kind in the world, was published and applied in the Seven Ways at Once series of books. The matrix has been utilised by thousands of teachers and educational systems and adapted by other authors and educational consultants.

Toni Noble and Helen McGrath are cited in Howard Gardner’s (1999) book 'Intelligence Reframed. Multiple Intelligences for the 21st century' (Basic Books) as leaders in Australia in the field of multiple intelligences.

The books provide a Strengths-based approach to engagement and learning.  Different students have different strengths. Students gain more when they build on their strengths, talents and abilities than when they make comparable effort to improve their areas of weakness.The 8 multiple intelligences (MI) identified by Professor Howard Gardner. These provide a useful framework for identifying the different strengths of students and planning diverse learning and assessment experiences to engage and develop all learners. 
Using the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy helps teachers plan learning activities from simple to complex. 
Complex tasks encourage students’ use of critical and creative thinking.

Boys education
The diverse learning and literacy tasks promoted by Eight Ways At Once provides a more engaging curriculum that particularly benefits boys who are reluctant learners compared to the traditional curriculum.


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