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bullying solutions


Bullying Solutions

Eds. Noble, T & McGrath, H

Australian research confirms that as many as four or five students in each Australian classroom are regularly bullied by other students. Bullying is now recognised as a human rights issue and a serious problem for everyone — for those who are bullied, those who take part in bullying, teachers, parents and the communities in which this antisocial and oppressive behaviour occurs.

Bullying Solutions explores the issue of bullying in Australian schools as well as providing practical tools for action. It contains:

  • an overview of current national and international research on school bullying

  • legal perspectives on school bullying in Australia

  • discussion of recent anti-bullying prevention and management initiatives

  • step-by-step instructions for writing and implementing anti-bullying policy

  • relevant templates to assist schools to implement anti-bullying policy and procedures

The book's contributors are active and respected researchers and practitioners in the areas of education and child behaviour and include:

Margaret Armstrong, Dale Bagshaw, Pam Carroll, Tilly Barger, Evelyn Field, Andrew Fuller, Helen McGrath, Alastair Nicholson, Toni Noble, Ken Rigby, Phillip Slee, Maree Stanley, Margaret Thorsborne

Their writings show the way in which evidence-based practices aimed at reducing and managing bullying can contribute to the creation of caring, supportive and safe school communities.


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