Bounce Back!
Wellbeing and Resilience Program



About the Program

A Whole-School, Teacher-Lead, Student-Centred Approach

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It’s having the common language to talk about situations in the playground…. all the grades are doing it and everyone understands
— Kindergarten Teacher

First published in 2003, BounceBack! (3rd edition) is a fully integrated whole school social and emotional learning curriculum program promoting sustainable mental health, wellbeing and resilience for students and teachers.

It is a set of three books (K-2, Years 3-4 and Years 5-6), each covering ten units that address resilience and wellbeing.

Each book contains a handbook for teachers, a set of lesson plans and teaching strategies. The books are available as hard copy manuals or EBooks. All have access to book lists, e-resources, measurement tools and more.

There’s been a big difference in my classroom. I think the students are more engaged. They’re more friendly to each other and it seems like a more positive environment.
— Year 4 teacher

Bounce Back Curriculum


Core values and Social Values: These units focus on developing pro-social values including values related to ethical and intercultural understanding.

People Bouncing Back: This unit focuses on developing self-management strategies for coping and bouncing back. 

Courage: This unit focuses on strategies to find and act with courage in both everyday life and difficult circumstances.

Looking on the Bright Side: This unit focuses on teaching optimistic thinking, positive tracking, being appreciative and expressing gratitude. 

Emotions: This unit focuses on strategies for developing & boosting positive emotions and managing negative emotions. 

Relationships: This unit focuses on explicitly teaching social skills for building relationships and maintaining friendships.

Humour: This unit focuses on the use of humour as a coping skill. 

Being Safe: This unit focuses on strategies and skills for creating a safe class and school environment and discouraging and managing bullying incidents. 

Success: This unit focuses on skills and attitudes for identifying & applying character and ability strengths, setting goals, planning, persevering (grit & the development of a growth mindset), overcoming mistakes and obstacles and being successful in achieving personal and learning goals.

Digital Resources


The 3rd Edition includes Reader+ the next generation eBook which is also available as a standalone purchase.

Reader+ contains digital resources, featuring:

  • a Science curriculum unit called Elasticity for each level

  • charts detailing the Australian Curriculum outcomes covered

  • interactive games and activities

  • worksheets

  • measurements for wellbeing and resilience

  • resources lists including books, poems, songs, movies and websites

  • downloadable parent and carer information for each unit